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We are delighted to announce that for the first time in India, we are launching an online Islamic education podium in a month. We invite all the aspirants from kids to adults to get our free trial by registering on to our website. An-Noor-Ul Quran is certified to teach kids and adults. Let’s learn the Quran online at the comfort of your home at your own schedule. It is the perfect platform for the candidates who want to learn Quran and Islamic teachings from their comfort zone. Our aim is to get the Allah(SWT) blessings in delivering his message all over the globe. Our first priority is to teach the holy Quran with following the rules of Tajweed. We aim to deliver the word of Allah and the rules of Islam with all the teachings and approaches of Muhammed(SAW). 

An-Noor-Ul Quran aims in delivering and teaching proper rules of how to read, learn and memorize the Holy Quran. Our team and tutors follow the pattern of taking one on one classes for our students who are willing to learn the Holy Quran. We help the students in focusing on how to get themselves better in reading and learning the Holy Quran with following all the rules of Tajweed. All the students who are willing to learn the Holy Quran at their comfort from their home can join and get the full advantage of this great opportunity. We mainly focuses on kids and female sisters who have hard time in getting the right tutor for learning Quran from their home while being busy in their daily household work. 

This will be a great opportunity for the parents who can make their kids sit in front of them and see them taking the Quran classes. As this will help the parents in getting to know what the kid is learning and how good their kids are learning the Quran. Anybody who are interested reading 

and learning the Holy Quran can enroll anytime by contacting us. Our tutors will always be available for the students who have any problems or difficulties in learning the Holy Quran. We follow a pattern that helps the students in getting the exact training and resources to read and learn the Holy Quran without any problems and hesitation. Our students who are having any problems and difficulties in getting how to learn and read Quran we personally give more focus and attention till they get and understand how to use all the rules of Tajweed. 

Everyone who are interested in reading, learning and understanding the words of Allah (SWT) with the correct and accurate way and method can enroll now and contact us. We are available for any queries related to the courses, class timings, tutor availability etc. We take classes round the clock with all necessary arrangements. This is a very beautiful opportunity for brothers and sisters who want to learn Quran for themselves or for their children in order to make yourself ready and prepared for Akhirah. Enroll now for our demo classes right now and get to know the actual way of reading, learning and understanding the word of Allah (SWT).

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