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Learn Quran fluently

Learn Quran fluently

Learn Quran fluently

Our tutors will personally works with the students to memorize the parts of the Quran with a detailed explanation of all the rules of Tajweed. At first we need to understand the letters, the sounds of the letters, and the pronunciation of that letters. This will help us very much in the proper recitation of Quran. The very first step is to learn the sound of each letter properly. Learning how the letter sounds and understanding them will help in making a better Dialect and help in increasing fluency in the recitation of Quran. By following all the Tajweed rules the beauty of reciting Quran amplifies. Quran that is the guide for a perfect life must be recited with appropriate knowledge and fluency. 

It is very important to understand all the rules of Tajweed. By knowing all the rules of Tajweed one can get fluent in reciting Quran very efficiently. The word Tajweed means “To improve or to achieve something”. It means to follow all the rules that are related to pronunciation of the Quran. In order to learn Arabic we need to understand all the rules of Tajweed. If a student is learning Tajweed, it means that they are learning the most beautiful way of reciting Quran. If someone isn’t learning the Tajweed they are missing the the most fundamental part of learning or reciting the Quran. Without the proper knowledge of Tajweed we’ll have a hard time in learning Quran with fluency. 

Our tutors will help you learn when to slow down, when to increase speed and where to stop in order to perfect your recitation. We need to follow proper signs and rules of Tajweed this will help us in the proper recitation of Quran. Then the next step would be constant repetition of the Quran. One should keep on repeating all the Aayah once completed. This will help us in understanding and getting better in the mistakes. If we follow these steps of repetition, this will help the students in getting the exact Idea of how to learn Quran with fluency. 

Learn Quran Online

An-Noor-Ul Quran have qualified tutors who will help the students in reading and learning Quran fluently. We follow the pattern of one on one class where only one tutor will be taking the class with only one student so that the student can have full attention and the student can get all the understanding of how to use the rules of Tajweed in reading the Quran without any hesitation fluently. By following this pattern we will be able to hel the student in reading the Quran by themselves without any mistakes also without any need of corrections. Our tutors will make sure that the student gets the proper understanding of how the rules of Tajweed works , without completing this step we don’t proceed further with the net steps. So if the student is having some hard time in getting how to learn or read Quran fluently, our tutors will keep on training the student until they get the whole understanding of how to follow Tajweed rules and read Quran fluently without any mistakes or hesitation.

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