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Learn Special Courses For Adults (Specially for adult sisters)

Special Course for Adults

Special Courses For Adults (Specially for adult sisters)

Our adult brothers and sisters have very busy schedule in which they are busy with their studies, jobs, household work etc. We came up with a very unique resolution for our adult brothers and sisters who can learn Quran from their comfort with our new pattern of courses. This will help our adult students to get a better understanding about the rules and regulations of Islam. Once an individual get to an age where they are considered as adults they are obliged to adapt and follow the rules and regulations that are ordered by Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran. It is our duty to learn, understand, use in daily life and pass these rules and regulations to others who will be becoming adults. 

  • We start with the first and the most important part that is ‘Aqaid’. Aqaid means Islamic beliefs. We believe that Allah (SWT) is the one and only creator and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Allah (SWT) messenger and his prophet. It is our duty to know what are the Aqaid of Islam and we have the proper schedule for our students who want to join and learn the Aqaid of Islam. 
  • The next important course is learning the meaning of the last 20 Surahs so that when we are offering Salah we will actually get to what Surah we are reading and what is the meaning of it. This will help us understand what we are reading when we are offering our Salah. This will boost up the interest and effectiveness of an individual in offering Salah. 
  • The next important course is to Know the 5 pillars of Islam i.e (Namaaz, Roza, Zakat, Hajj, Aqeedah). These are the one of the most important topics that an individual should be well aware of it. It is our duty to know in detail about all these 5 pillars of Islam what are the right ways and what are the wrong things that we should avoid. 
  • The next important thing is that An-Noor-Ul Quran have the service where individuals can come to us and address their problems related to their personal lives and questions related to Deen and Islam, we have the right Mufti’s who can help you with the best resolution in the light of Islam follow the resolutions that are provided in Quran and Hadees. So please feel free to contact us anytime with regards to your concern and In-Sha-Allah we will be able to help you with the right resolution. 
  • We also teach our students about what should be the roles and responsibilities of a man towards their parents, wife and children in the light of Islam. We provide references from Quran, Hadees and the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and teach the students to live their live in this very same way. 
  • We provide special courses for our adult sisters and daughters about what should be the responsibilities of a woman towards their husbands and good upbringing of their children. Also, based on the rules made by Allah (SWT) and Hadees references what should be a woman’s ‘libaas’.

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